Persona Service | Mobility-Benefits

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1 | What is Navit?

E-scooters, bike subscriptions, ride-hailing, car sharing, public transportation.... and the list of new ways to get from A to B goes on and on.

You probably already use some of these services and now your mobility will be supported by Persona Service with €50 per month.

With this budget you can then purchase anything related to mobility, such as public transport, car sharing, e-scooters. In addition, we compensate all CO2 emissions caused by your trips!

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2 | What are the advantages using NAVIT?

All the mobility in one card - You decide which type of mobility best suits your situation. With the virtual Visa cards from NAVIT, you can use any type of mobility and pay online. Excluded are air travel and parking fees.

100% CO2-neutral - However you spend your budget, we calculate the corresponding CO2 emissions for your trip and offset the entire amount, so you can travel completely CO2 neutral

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3 | How do you get access to NAVIT?

Account setup - You will receive an invitation email from NAVIT. Download the NAVIT app (App Store, Play Store) and click the link in the email to complete your account setup in the app.

Please note that unused budget from the previous month is carried over and can therefore be accumulated.

The use of the NAVIT app is free of charge and the mobility budget is not linked to the job with a customer. The budget can be used both for business and private purposes.

The use of the NAVIT app and the accumulated mobility budget is still possible for a full calendar month after leaving the company. Amounts still on the NAVIT account after this time will be refunded to persona service.

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4 | How can the mobility budget be used?

With the NAVIT mobility card you can use e.g. public transport, car sharing, e-scooters.

Simply copy your card data from the NAVIT app and store it in the desired mobility app (e.g. of your public transport provider).

For further questions please contact us at the following email: [email protected] or call NAVIT at +4930809583.

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5 | Deutschlandticket ticket

With the NAVIT Deutschlandticket you have access to a Germany-wide ticket for public transport (excluding long-distance trains).

The Deutschlandticket normally costs €49 per month, in the NAVIT app you can get the ticket with a 5% discount for only €46.55 and use the remaining €3.45 with your NAVIT Mobility Card.

For further questions please contact us at the following email: [email protected] or call NAVIT at +4930809583.

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6 | Fuel and Charge

With the NAVIT fuel & charge card, you can refuel and charge your private car.

For this purpose, the card data from the NAVIT app can be stored in a fueling or charging app.

For example, the Pace app, ryd app or ENBW app can be used. At the fueling or charging station, you can then pay directly via the partner app using the NAVIT fuel & charge card as a payment method.

For further questions please contact us at the following email: [email protected] or call NAVIT at +4930809583.

How to refuel and charge with our NAVIT app

Use your NAVIT card in any mobility app

1. Open your NAVIT app and click on Map Details

2. 💡You can copy the number by clicking on the icon

3. Open your favorite mobility app. Most public transport and mobility apps accept our card

4. Select "Account" or similar in the mobility app. Here, for example, in the TIER app.

5. Select "Payment methods

6. Add the card details to your NAVIT card (from step 2).

7. Pay with the NAVIT card! 💡 TIP! With most mobility apps, you can add a card in the same way.

Use your NAVIT card on websites (e.g. DB)

1. Open your NAVIT app and click on Map Details.

2. Log in to Sign up and or create an account if you don't have one yet

3. Select "Change data" in the payment data section.

4. Select "Add Credit Card" and add the card details from your NAVIT app (from step 1).

Now you can pay for your tickets with your NAVIT card on the DB website and in the app!