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Benefits of the mobility budget platform for employers and employees

Everyone in the company benefits from a mobility budget: Employees get full flexibility, HR gains and retains top talent, fleet management becomes more sustainable, and management reduces costs and emissions.

Advantages for employees
Advantages for HR managers
Advantages for fleet management
Advantages for managing directors
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Success stories and tips for implementing the mobility budget

The implementation of the mobility budget is simple. Only a few questions need to be clarified in advance.

For example, which employees receive a mobility budget and which mobility should be offered.

NAVIT supports you in the successful company-wide establishment - from budget management to accounting - and takes over the administrative effort.

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Digital, transparent and efficient: the platform can be fully integrated with internal HR, payroll and tax software

NAVIT mobility budget solutions make it easy and efficient to implement sustainable employee mobility.

A flexible dashboard for automated travel expense reporting, digital receipt entry and budget management ensures a smooth process from A to Z.

HR Integrations
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Set up your mobility budget - easy and uncomplicated

A platform solution for total corporate mobility management that reduces administrative overhead by 75%.

It provides streamlined and automated expense and tax reporting for you - so you get the most out of tax benefits and leave the days of laborious reimbursement management behind.

How to save time and money
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Offer choice, onboard top talent and increase employee satisfaction

Full flexibility for your employees with a complete mobility offer. Simple employee mobility management is not only efficient, it makes your team happier and more productive.

And the better the employee experience, the faster you attract top talent.

Increase employer branding - Here's how
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Ready for a climate-neutral future

Reduce the environmental footprint with sustainable mobility options and offset all CO2 emissions with certified climate protection projects. Achieving your company's own sustainability goals has never been easier.

This is how CO2 compensation works

Hundreds of companies use our mobility platform