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The NAVIT mobility budget as an employee benefit

The mobility budget offers financially attractive incentives for employers and employees. In addition to the salary, the mobility budget is settled as a tax-free or tax-privileged benefit in kind.

The tax exemption pays off for you. You can offer your employees additional benefits and promote sustainable mobility at the same time.

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Tax-free travel with public transport

Environmentally friendly means of transport are tax-privileged, trips with public transport are tax-free. It doesn't matter whether it's a private or business trip.

Not only do you create additional financial benefits for your employees, you can also use ride sharing to promote sustainable mobility at your work location and beyond.

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Salary supplement instead of salary conversion

The NAVIT mobility budget is granted in addition to the existing salary and is therefore not subject to tax or social security contributions, in contrast to salary conversion (from cash to non-cash wages).

It is therefore worthwhile for both employers and employees to grant the mobility budget as a benefit in addition to the contractually agreed salary.

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This is how it works with taxes

The mobility budget can be settled as a benefit in kind and thus tax-free up to an exemption limit of 50 euros. Higher amounts can be taxed at a flat rate of 30% in accordance with section 37b EStG, as the mobility budget and its inclusive services are company benefits that are provided in addition to the agreed salary and do not exceed 10,000 euros per year.

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