How you can benefit from NAVIT as a sustainability manager:

All CO2 emissions are offsetWe enable your employees to use all means of transportation and offset their carbon footprint through Gold Standard sustainability projects.

Tax benefits for environmentally friendly means of transportJourneys by public transport and bicycle are tax-free. This makes them financially more attractive for companies and employees alike.

The private car becomes obsolete.The mobility budget offers the ideal solution. It gives your team easy and flexible access to bicycles, e-scooters, e-mopeds and e-car sharing.

Select your climate projectYou and your company decide which certified project will offset your entire carbon footprint. We take care of the rest.

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Offer CO2 free mobility opitions for your team members

Climate-friendly - low-CO2 alternatives promote climate-conscious mobility behavior among your employees

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Tax free benefits for C02 free mobility

Cost-effective - sustainable forms of mobility are subsidized by the state and exempt from taxes

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Seamless integration with your tools

NAVIT works with your existing HR ecosystem to enable agile mobility and benefits administration for today's flexible work environments. NAVIT gives you the clarity and control you need to optimize benefits programs and improve employee satisfaction through flexible mobility solutions and digital administration.

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