Step Towards Transport Transformation? Mobility Data Law Aims to Facilitate Multimodal Travel

Find out what the new mobility data law brings and how it will change travel.

What Makes Company Bikes as Employee Benefits So Popular

5 reasons why company bikes are so popular.

Bike Leasing in the Public Sector

Bike Leasing for Employees of Cities, States, and Federal Government - Where it's Possible.

Commuting is Back - But Different Than Before

Changed Commuting Behavior Has Different Reasons.

Mobility Subsidy and Nationwide Semester Ticket: What's Changing for Young People Starting in April

Overview of all the changes coming in April.

Health and Sustainability: The Dual Impact of "Bike to Work" Initiatives

How Companies Can Support Employees in Cycling.

How AI is changing the way we move

AI has the potential to revolutionize our mobility in various ways.

Productivity in the Home Office: This One Condition Ensures Employee Satisfaction and Efficiency

Working from home can have a positive impact on employees' health and productivity.

Mobility transition in Rural Areas: The Taxi for the Last Mile?

What could the mobility transition look like in rural areas?

New Work, New Benefits: What Defines Modern Employers in 2024

Trends and benefits that define the most up-to-date companies.

Employee Health Programs: The Synergy with Mobility Benefits

How Health Programs Combined with Mobility Benefits Can Advance Companies.

German Employer Branding in International Comparison

A look at employer branding trends worldwide.

AI in HR: A Guide for Implementing AI in the HR department

Understand the key functions and use cases while planning AI impact.

How to utilise AI in HR

Here are four recommendations for HR professionals on how to utilise AI.

Company bike and more: 8 tips for health management at your workplace

Here are 8 recommendations for implementing occupational health management.

Frequently asked questions about AI in HR

What does the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and HR look like?

The role of generative AI in HR

How could generative AI affect the work of the HR department?

Building a positive image: The influence of sustainability in employer branding

How companies can use sustainability as a strategic competitive advantage.

The future of e-mobility: What is the charging infrastructure like in Germany?

Everything about the current state of charging infrastructure in Germany.

The most bicycle-friendly cities in Germany

In which cities is cycling really fun?

Mobility as a tool for employee retention: insights from successful companies

These mobility benefits are favoured by top German companies.

Communication strategies for employee benefits: informing employees about mobility offers

Concept and steps of communication strategies for mobility benefits.

Tax instruments for the mobility transition: Examples from Europe

Examples from other European countries.

Are company cars still worth it?

Advantages & disadvantages of company cars. Overview of costs and alternatives.

Costs of company cars for employers and more favourable alternatives

The real costs of a company car and better alternatives.

Insights from NAVIT's CSRD webinar

The most important insights from the webinar are summarised here.

Corporate Benefits Trends: The growing popularity of mobility budgets

What trends are currently shaping the world of employee benefits and how can employers benefit?

Successfully retaining employees: The best employee retention strategies

Important goals, effective management measures and innovative software solutions in the area of employee retention.

New studies show: Working from home remains a trend

Working from home still popular with companies. Germany internationally ahead.

The role of mobility benefits in a remote-friendly workplace

The importance of mobility benefits in modern companies with remote workplaces.

Innovative employer branding strategies: more success through targeted mobility benefits

Looking for new ways to strengthen your employer brand? How flexible mobility benefits can help you.

Shared commuting: Advantages of carpooling and shared mobility

How is shared mobility shaping the way we get around?

Travelling to Europe with the Deutschlandticket: how you can use the ticket for weekend getaways or business trips

Travelling to Europe with the Deutschlandticket: how you can use the ticket for weekend getaways or business trips.

Where is the 49-euro ticket valid: Which trains long-distance commuters can use

Overview of which trains commuters can use with the Deutschlandticket.

E-scooters: are they better than their reputation?

Though their popularity continues to grow, e-scooters still have a negative image. Is it justified?

Mobility card or invoice scan: which is the best solution for the mobility budget?

Which of the two solutions is best for companies and employees?

Effective CO2 savings for fleets: tips for sustainable mobility

Measures and tips on how companies can effectively save CO2 in their fleets.

Mobility budget: Government plans new tax incentives for employers

Planned flat-rate tax for new mobility to push mobility budget for employees.

49 euro ticket: in these German cities commuters and travellers benefit the most

overview of the cities in which commuters and travellers save how much compared to normal monthly tickets.

The mobility budget solutions of the transport authorities

In addition to private providers such as NAVIT, municipal transport authorities now also offer mobility budget solutions. Here are four of them.

What New Work means for action on climate

New Work, Corporate Social Responsibility and practical tips.

Top 10 HR Trends 2024

NAVIT presents the latest trends and topics in HR management.

Why companies can no longer avoid CO2 reporting

Why companies need a sustainability report.

Scrapping the company car privilege? Make the mobility budget equal

How company car taxation works and what needs to be different.

What does the future of HR look like with AI? Insights from the NAVIT Fireside Chat "HR decision-making in the AI era"

Missed the event? Takeaways and everything you need to know about AI in HR.

Back-to-Office Tech: Tools to improve employee mobility

These tools and mobility services ensure greater productivity and employee satisfaction.

The most important HR events in 2024

An overview of the most important dates for HR professionals in 2024.

How cities are taking measures to reduce the number of cars.

The mobility transition is progressing in these European cities.

The most important mobility events in 2024

For anyone interested in mobility and transport, 2024 offers a varied sequence of major trade fairs, conferences, and industry meetings.

Is a company bike worth it in 2024?

Why should employers offer their employees a company bike or a job bike?

Company bikes for a sustainable fleet - leasing or buying?

Buying versus leasing: Overview of possible options for the company bike.

These are the longest routes without changing trains with the Deutschlandticket

How far can you get with the 49 Euro ticket without changing trains?

These are the 5 trends in the world of work in 2024

From Back-To-Office to AI: The 5 trends in the world of work in 2024.

Meal allowance or mobility budget: which modern employee benefit is really the best choice?

Comparison of the advantages of meal allowances and mobility budgets.

Digital travel management: advantages, solutions, providers

What are the advantages of digital travel management? What solutions and providers are available on the market?

8 tips for successful employer branding in 2024

Here are 8 tips for 2024 for an employer brand that reflects a company's values, culture and identity.

6 good reasons for company bike leasing in winter

Why company bike leasing is also a great option for employees and employers in the colder months.

FINN Auto subscription: Overview of how it works, costs and alternatives

How does a FINN Auto subscription work? How much does a FINN Auto subscription cost? What alternatives are there?

Germany train strike: These alternatives will get travellers to their destination

Overview of which trains are still running despite the strike and what alternatives travelers have.

Corporate benefits and tax-free employer contributions - alternatives to a salary increase in 2024

Why alternatives to a salary increase will be important in 2024. These are the best corporate benefits and employer contributions to look out for.

Deutschlandticket: price to remain at 49 euros in 2024

Deutschlandticket Update: 49 euro ticket to be continued. The price for the Deutschlandticket stays stable in 2024.

Annual TomTom Traffic Index: Commuters spend the longest time in traffic jams in these cities

Annual TomTom Traffic Index: In which German cities commuters lose the most time and ways how to get out of traffic jams.

9 burning questions about the mobility budget

We have compiled nine of our customers' most pressing questions about the mobility budget to make your work easier.

These 5 trends will change mobility in 2024

Which mobility trends will characterise 2024? Here are five developments that will become important or gain further momentum in 2024.

Sustainable mobility for employees: 5 steps that make 2024 a success

Here are 5 steps on how to achieve sustainable employee mobility in 2024.

Hybrid working: 8 tips on how companies can successfully implement the trend

What is hybrid working and how does it work? These measures ensure successful implementation in the company.

How Hybrid Work is Changing the Office and What This Means for Mobility

What will the office look like in 2024 & beyond and what does this mean for mobility?

How companies can encourage employees to accept a return to the office

Companies can encourage their employees to return to the office by offering them new experiences and opportunities.

Improving employee productivity in hybrid and remote teams

How can you measure employee productivity? Here are 6 ways to improve employee productivity.

Returning to the office: what employers need to consider

Back to office: Everything companies need to know when planning the return to office for their employees.

Car owners underestimate actual costs - car subscriptions are more transparent and all-inclusive

Why costs of owning a car are underestimated and what advantages a subscription model has.

Take Aways from the NAVIT Panel “How to Overcome Back to Office Resistance” with HR Experts

Back to Office: Everything Companies Need to Know. Measures & Guidelines: How to Plan a Successful Office Return.

The future of work: remote or back to office?

How does the future of work look like? Remote Work or Back to the Office?

Six months Deutschlandticket: Half of big corporates offers Jobticket

What has the ticket achieved so far?‍ How many people use the Deutschlandticket? How many companies offer a Jobticket?

10 mobility apps for start-ups that make the mobility budget a success

We show you ten mobility apps that you and your team can use with the mobility budget.

How companies make their fleet fit for the future

Addressing the fleet management trends for 2023. With these initiatives towards a green fleet.

How employers can address the shortage of skilled workers

The shortage of skilled workers is the most pressing problem in the labour market. With the right benefits, HR can ensure better employee retention.

22 frequently asked questions about corporate sustainability reporting

We answer the 22 most important questions on the upcoming corporate sustainability reporting obligation.

Company bike instead of company car? Why big corporations like VW are now investing in bike leasing

These are the reasons why more and more companies expand their mobility services for employees to include bicycles.

Hybrid and remote work: dos and don'ts of flexible work policies

Hybrid working models are becoming the new normal - These are the best practices for a hybrid workplace.

Employers should know these 7 mobility profiles of their employees

Learn how to recognize and effectively support the different mobility profiles of your employees.

The NAVIT mobility benefits app got a redesign

Our team revamped the app to enhance accessibility, guidance, and clarity on benefits and usability.

Mobility budget: company car downsizing or even replacement?

Company car downsizing: more flexibility, cut costs, promote sustainability. Discover now!

4 Success Strategies to Promote Cycling to Work

More health and sustainability through bike leasing, bike facilities, and a mobility budget.

HR software solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs

Find out about HR software that can help reduce operational costs and improve HR efficiency.

Employee engagement initiatives for a successful return to the office

The Big Office Return: Strengthening Employee Retention and Engagement

The mobility transition & why companies play a crucial role

Why companies play a crucial role in the mobility transition to promote sustainable mobility.

Why thousands of employees are already using our platform

These are the reasons why companies choose the NAVIT mobility budget platform.

Our top 5 recommendations: Mobility podcasts

Discover our favourite podcasts and get inspired by the movers and shakers of the mobility space.

Employee retention: advantages, strategies & success factors

Learn how to retain employees and strengthen the employer brand.

Is your company ready for the CSRD 2024?

What is CSRD and why is it relevant for my company?

How New Mobility is changing the way we move

What does New Mobility mean and how will it shape the way we get around in the future?

Debunking the top 6 misconceptions about employee benefits

We have debunked the most persistent misconceptions about employee benefits.

The importance of flexible mobility benefits for the increasing demand for remote work

How flexible mobility benefits help companies cater for remote work.

Why startups should focus on flexible mobility solutions

In the dynamic world of startups, it's all about agility, innovation, and adaptability. Here are five good reasons why startups should definitely focus on flexible mobility solutions.

10 most popular employee benefits and why a mobility budget is the only democratic benefit

While there are many employee benefits, which ones are really attractive to employees? We take a look at the ten most popular employee benefits and reveal why the mobility budget is the only democratic benefit.

How a mobility budget can help with a return to the office

We explain how companies can create incentives for their employees and give tips on what it takes.

How can I use my mobility budget? Use case examples

In this article, we will show you four examples of how to use the NAVIT credit card. When it is particularly useful and how it facilitates the everyday business of you and your employees.

Mobility budget as a company car alternative: SAP follows the trend

Mobility budget as a company car alternative: SAP follows the trend.

Employer branding & Mobility budget

Why employer branding is important for your company and how the answer can be a mobility budget