How you can benefit from NAVIT as a CEO

Win the war for talentGive your employees the flexibility they want and give them incentives to come to the office.

Take advantage of tax benefitsEnvironmentally friendly means of transport such as public transport and bicycles are given preferential tax treatment.

Time and cost-efficient mobility managementWith the NAVIT mobility platform, your teams save time and your company can reduce costs.

Corporate Social ResponsibilityWith NAVIT mobility solutions, you promote environmentally friendly means of transport without your employees having to sacrifice flexibility and comfort.

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Flexible and mobility management with one software solution

Provide your team with an easy-to-use mobility solution as software to manage your company's employee mobility, tax-compliant and automated accounting, and to promote the use of sustainable means of transport. At the same time, your employees benefit from a digital and flexible mobility budget as a real benefit with cost advantages for the way to work and private trips.

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More than just an employee benefit

The NAVIT mobility platform not only offers an additional employee benefit. It also helps to attract the best professionals and retain them, reduce fleet costs and CO2 emissions, and make a major contribution to making the company climate neutral.

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Focus on your team and let NAVIT do the heavy lifting

NAVIT is fully automated and integrates seamlessly with your HR and accounting systems to manage enrollments, payments, reports and everything in between.

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