How you benefit from NAVIT as a fleet manager

Maximum flexibilityMany employees would prefer to have more freedom and flexibility in their choice of transportation instead of a company car. With our holistic mobility management solutions, you can offer them that.

Time and cost efficiencyCreate and manage mobility solutions that optimize utilization, such as monthly mobility budgets, bike leasing, a fuel and charge card, and more from one central platform.

Minimum costWith a fixed budget and tax benefits for green transportation, you'll have full cost control and minimal time spent managing company employee mobility.

Lower CO2 emissionsWith sustainable alternatives, you expand the existing range of mobility options. In this way, you reduce your carbon footprint and achieve your company's sustainability goals.

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Think mobility in a new way

A sustainable and flexible alternative to the company car: Switching from a car policy to a mobility policy supports your company's CSR strategy, improves the efficiency of your fleet (incentive to downsize or rightsize) and reduces the cost of corporate mobility management.

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Advancing more flexible mobility strategies

Get the insights, control and flexibility you need to modernize your mobility plan and create flexible and sustainable mobility offerings. NAVIT helps you adopt digital mobility solutions. NAVIT digital, automated mobility solutions are the key to tomorrow's mobility strategies.

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Mobility Budget: The Cornerstone of Your Mobility Management

Implement mobility solutions that support the future of your mobility strategy. With NAVIT, you can incentivize new commuter behaviors, manage complex mobility needs, and measure the success of your mobility management.

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