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More freedom with full cost control.

With a car subscription, similar to leasing, you use a vehicle for a certain period without purchasing it.

However, significantly shorter terms make a subscription more predictable and adaptable to changing circumstances in the company.

The convenience of it all: with a car subscription, everything is included except for fuel or electricity. The bureaucratic effort remains low. So, you don't have to worry about insurance, registration, or maintenance.

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Advantages of using car subscriptions for your company.

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Stärke deine Teams mit effizienter Mobilität, damit sie dein Business vorantreiben können. Keine Belastung mehr durch studenweise
Volle Kostenkontrolle durch Individuelle Ausgabenlimits und Echtzeitüberblick. Entscheide selbst, welche Art von Mobilität deine Mitarbeiter:innen nutzen und wie viel sie dabei ausgeben dürfen.
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Eine Rechnung, keine Papierkram: Erhalte einmal pro Monat eine Rechnung von RYDES, die die Ausgaben für die geschäftlichen Fahrten Deiner Mitarbeiter:innen aufschlüsselt.
100% papierlos - Belege werden einfach unterwegs in die App hochgeladen.
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Shorter and more flexible durations

Car subscriptions have shorter and more flexible durations compared to leasing. While leasing periods typically last for at least two years, you can subscribe to a car for as little as one month up to one year and extend it if needed.

Available immediately

Many new cars are experiencing supply shortages and long delivery times. With leasing or purchasing a car, you may wait up to a year for a new vehicle.

However, with car subscriptions, you are often offered already produced vehicles, which are typically available within a few weeks or even immediately.

Low risk with car subscriptions

Car subscriptions do not come with significant risks, as any costs for maintenance and wear are covered, and you can cancel the subscription at any time. Subscribers also do not need to worry about residual value and resale, as these concerns are taken care of.

Alle Kosten inklusive

Car subscriptions generally come with an all-inclusive flat rate. This means all additional costs - except for fueling or recharging - are included in the monthly fee. Additionally, there is a pre-agreed monthly mileage limit.

The included costs cover: delivery, registration, insurance, vehicle tax, periodic vehicle inspection, maintenance & wear, and tire service.

This is how car subscriptions work

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For businesses:
Your employees get access to the NAVIT app and sign up.
In the NAVIT app, your employees choose to use their budget for the car subscription.
Reduce your Admin
NAVIT takes care of the backend management of documents.
That's it!
Your employees receive their car from the subscription provider, and you can continue to focus on your team.