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Mobility budget in three easy steps

Set up users and mobility budgets in the NAVIT dashboard and update them at any time via one of our many integrations. This minimizes admin effort and enables unlimited scalability.
Employees receive access to the NAVIT APP and choose their mobility package. They can start their journey immediately.
Employees cam use the mobility budget for their favorite mobility apps or via the integrations in the NAVIT app.

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Configure the best mobility solution for your team


For employees

Flexible and sustainable mobility solutions from the employer as a tax-free salary conversion.

For HR

Offer a modern benefit for all your employees. Level up your employer branding: Attract & retain talent: >90% usage rate!

For companies

Offer a mobility benefit that makes optimal use of tax advantages and reduces additional wage costs.

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“The NAVIT mobility budget brings measurable benefits for the HR team and employees. Employees can pay with their mobility budget directly in their preferred mobility apps, they do not have to pay in advance and submit the tickets or travel expense report. This ensures satisfied employees.”

Nathalie Hölzle
VP People

Employees can choose from a variety of mobility options via a user-friendly platform and have the added benefit of having their CO2 emissions recorded and offset."

Freya Steffen, Senior Director International Employee Experience

It was important to us that we find a benefit for our team that reflects and addresses the interests of the team and our corporate culture, as well as the sustainability topic. NAVIT covers all of this perfectly. Our employees now have a wide range of sustainable mobility options via an easy-to-manage platform.

Vera Herkenrath, Director People and Organisation

Focus on your team - let us do the hard work

Manage all of your company's employee mobility in one platform with just a few clicks.

Connect your HR, payroll and tax tools with NAVIT and save valuable time so you can focus on the things that matter.

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NAVIT ist vollständig automatisiert und lässt sich nahtlos in deine HR-, Payroll- und Steuersysteme integrieren,

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