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A flexible mobility budget that adapts to all situations

With the NAVIT mobility budget card, your employees can use public transportation, rental bikes, car sharing, e-scooters, and more the way they want - anywhere, anytime.

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Bike leasing made easy

Your employees can simply switch to a bicycle via leasing. Without any additional effort for you. We have automated the process so that you save time and costs and have an attractive employee benefit available in recruiting.

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The 49 euro Deutschlandticket is available as a subsidised job ticket

Companies can offer the 49-euro ticket to their employees as a job ticket at a lower price, thereby saving time and money, as well as providing financial relief for their employees. NAVIT takes care of the administrative processing.

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Save money with a job ticket

NAVIT takes care of the administrative process involved in a job ticket. Employers can thus offer their employees easy and financially attractive access to public transport, saving time and money thanks to automated processing.

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Paying for refuelling and charging via app: One card for both offers many advantages

With a fuel and charging card from NAVIT, not only receipts can be recorded digitally.

Employees pay directly with their mobility budget via the app. Because this eliminates the need for refunds, you save on paper chaos and have a direct overview of all expenses.

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Car subscription

A car subscription is the modern and flexible alternative to company car leasing, offering companies an all-inclusive car package without the administrative burden or risk.

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