Deutschlandticket, job ticket and mobility budget compared


1. 49-euro ticket vs. job ticket vs. mobility budget
2. Comparison at a glance

3. Info about the Germany Ticket

4. Info about the job ticket

5. info about Mobility budget

6. Conclusion

For a long time, the job ticket was considered an extremely popular corporate benefit for companies that want to offer their employees a tax-free and cost-effective mobility option and alternative to the company car and position themselves as an environmentally conscious employer.

With the Deutschlandticket, or 49-euro ticket, there is now a second option for public transport for companies and employees since May 1, 2023. This is because the ticket is not only suitable for private customers who want to travel by bus and rail, but it can also be offered as a job ticket at low cost.

Reason enough to compare the two options. The third option is the mobility budget. This is how it compares with the Jobticket and the Deutschlandticket.

Comparison at a glance

Job Ticket Germany Ticket Mobility Budget
Cost Depends on transport association 49 Euro (46.55 Euro with employer subsidy) Flexibly selectable
Tax Details Tax and social security contributions exempt according to § 3 No. 15 of the Income Tax Act Tax and social security contributions exempt according to § 3 No. 15 of the Income Tax Act Usage of different mobility options results in a mixed calculation of: - Tax and social security exemption - Lump-sum taxation (15%/25%/30%) as well as individual full taxation and contribution. (Lump-sum taxation = social security exemption)
Mobility Options Public transportation (bus, train, subway) of the transport association Nationwide regional and local transport in Germany, no long-distance transport (ICE, IC/EC) All mobility options: Public transportation, bicycle, taxi, ride-sharing, rental car, company car, etc.
Usable regardless of mobility provider
Location-independent ✅✅ (usable worldwide)
Administrative Effort 🥴Contracts with transport companies required; conditions (e.g., minimum purchase quantities) 🧘Application and provision by RYDES; ticket available directly in the app 🧘Administration and invoicing of the budget by RYDES; employees can select the mobility options
Time Savings for the Employer
CO2 Savings ✅✅ (all CO2 emissions of each trip are offset)
Private Use for Employees
Employer Attractiveness ✅✅
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49-euro ticket vs. job ticket vs. mobility budget

Info about the Deutschlandticket

The Deutschlandticket is a monthly subscription ticket that includes unlimited access to regional and local public transportation throughout Germany. The Deutschlandticket costs 49 euros per month and is offered as a digital ticket via app or as a chip card.

As a "flat rate for local public transport", the ticket is valid throughout Germany on all scheduled buses, streetcars, subway trains, suburban trains, and local and regional trains.

However, the Deutschlandticket is not valid for long-distance tr This means that the ticket is not valid for journeys on IC, EC, ICE or night trains, e.g. between Hamburg and Munich. However, it can be used on local trains in both cities.

On certain routes, the Deutschlandticket is also valid for journeys abroad, or to border stations. For example, the Deutschlandticket is valid for journeys to the joint stations of Salzburg, Kufstein and Schaffhausen (including the feeder lines), which are located abroad, as well as on routes to France or the Netherlands.

For which groups of people the Deutschlandticket is worthwhile, you can read here.

Info about the job ticket

The job ticket, also known as the company ticket, is a ticket for commuters who travel to work by bus and train. It is intended to make it easier for employees to switch from the company car to public transportation and thus reduce the burden on commuter traffic.

Employees who have a job ticket can also use it for private journeys. That's what makes it so attractive for many.

Rail commuters can receive the Jobticket if their employer has concluded a Jobticket framework agreement with one of the participating transport companies. Like the Deutschlandticket, the Jobticket is also an offer from the public transport companies in Germany.

However, for companies, the Jobticket is associated with rigid minimum purchase quantities and costly contract negotiations with the transport associations. 

Unlike the Deutschlandticket, the previous Jobticket can also be purchased for 1st class. In addition, employees can also use long-distance trains with the Jobticket, provided this has been agreed in the Jobticket framework agreement between the employer and the transport company.

In contrast to the Deutschlandticket, however, the framework agreement between the employer and the transportation company generally excludes nationwide use of the Jobticket.

Due to the different framework agreements and conditions, the monthly price for the job ticket varies depending on the transport association.

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Mobility budget info

The mobility budget is a monthly mobility allowance that companies provide to their employees for trips to work or for private trips.

This credit can be used for any type of trip, regardless of whether it is a business or leisure trip. Employees can flexibly use any form of mobility that is accessible via the mobility budget.

This also includes the option of buying public transport tickets or taking out public transport subscriptions, such as the Deutschlandticket.

The amount that companies provide their employees for this purpose can be freely and flexibly chosen and determined according to the employees' financial situation and needs.

As a rule, the monthly settlement is based on the tax-free remuneration in kind (up to an amount of 50 euros) or on a lump-sum taxation for higher amounts.

The mobility budget is becoming increasingly important to companies, and not least with the introduction of the Deutschlandticket, companies are looking more closely at holistic mobility solutions.


The Deutschlandticket is a simple and convenient solution because it offers access to public transportation nationwide at a uniform fixed monthly price. Companies that want to offer their employees mobility without accepting the disadvantages of the job ticket can also benefit from the Deutschlandticket.

However, the Deutschlandticket cannot adequately cover people's changing mobility behavior and the resulting mobility diversity, as it is limited to local public transport.

For employers, it is therefore advisable to rely on a mobility budget that gives employees flexible access to every type of mobility, including the Deutschlandticket. This way, companies leave it up to their employees to purchase the Deutschlandticket and cancel it easily if it is no longer needed. If necessary, employees can also use the budget for other means of transportation. This not only minimizes internal effort and costs for the company, but also ensures greater employee satisfaction.

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