Mobility Platform or Multi-Benefit Platform? Comparing Benefits Solutions

Mobility benefits and flexible alternatives to company cars and job tickets are on the rise. With the growing popularity of mobility budgets and similar options, the number of providers is also increasing. Against this backdrop, companies are looking for providers that can specifically address their requirements and needs in terms of benefits and mobility. Companies can choose between multi-benefit and mobility platforms. In our current comparison, we present both platform types and offer tips for employers on how to select and implement the right platform for mobility benefits.


  • What is a Mobility Platform?
  • What is a Multi-Benefit Platform?
  • What is the Right Solution for My Company and Employee Mobility?
  • Comparison for Employers
  • Comparison for Employees
  • Advantages of a Mobility Platform for Employees
  • Advantages of a Mobility Platform for Companies
  • Conclusion

What is a Mobility Platform?

Individual mobility solutions for the diverse needs and requirements of employees.

A mobility platform includes employee benefits, alternatives to existing mobility offerings, or the entire employee mobility. These platforms provide a wide range of mobility solutions that can be tailored to individual requirements. Mobility platforms offer companies the opportunity to implement their mobility policies automatically and cover different use cases.

A mobility platform is a digital solution that allows companies to offer their employees flexible mobility services. By integrating various providers of transportation and mobility forms into a central app, employees gain access to a variety of mobility services. Employers can set individual budgets and thus provide their employees with a customized selection of benefits.

What is a Multi-Benefit Platform?

Mobility is just one of many: Comprehensive employee benefits on one platform.

Multi-benefit platforms aim to provide a platform for managing all employee benefits. Employees can choose between different benefits. Selectable benefits include, for example, a freely usable non-cash card or a meal allowance.

The major providers of corporate benefits platforms, which also include mobility benefits, are Belonio, Circula, Lofino, Probonio, and Spendit.

In addition to a wide range of advantages, multi-benefit platforms can also include mobility solutions. However, the offering in the area of mobility is usually limited. Customization options for mobility policies and budget use are often lacking. Furthermore, the automated processing of payroll-tax-relevant transactions and receipts frequently only covers a portion of possible mobility expenses.

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Type Mobility platform Multi benefit platform
How it works for companies The company selects the desired mobility products and provides them to employees via the provider's app. The company selects available mobility benefits from the provider's portfolio and passes them on via the app.
How it works for employees Employees can select the appropriate mobility options and pay with the provided budget through the mobility app. Employees upload their receipts for reimbursement via the benefit app or use the prepaid card for payment.
Payment & Billing 3 Options: prepaid card, receipt submission/reimbursement, integrated booking through the app Billing type depends on provider: either receipt submission/reimbursement or prepaid card
Mobility options 🙂 Access to all mobility options worldwide 🙁 Depending on the provider: mobility allowance, Deutschlandticket, company bike
Advantages ✅ All mobility options & modes of transport available,
✅ High degree of customization,
✅ Low auditing effort for expenses,
✅ Integrated CO2 compensation for benefit usage
✅ Other benefits available in addition to mobility
Disadvantages ❌ Focus on mobility, additional solution needed for other benefits ❌ Limited mobility selection,
❌ Minimal customization,
❌ Certain employee preferences not fully covered
Provider NAVIT, Mobiko, DB Bonvoyo, belmoto Belonio, Circula, Lofino, Probonio, Spendit
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Advantages of a Mobility Platform for Employees

  • Mobility is a daily necessity: Everyone benefits from a mobility budget.
  • Wide selection: Enables maximum flexibility through a combination of mobility options.
  • Easy handling: Employees can reconfigure their mobility every month.

Advantages of a Mobility Platform for Companies

  • A holistic platform solution replaces existing silo solutions and simplifies application for companies.
  • It integrates payroll & HRIS and facilitates tax-compliant processing and employee management.
  • The mobility platform can also cover, manage, and promote the entire mobility strategy, including sustainable mobility.


For companies primarily looking for a solution for their employees' mobility that values easy handling, seamless integration, and low administrative effort, mobility benefit platforms offer clear advantages. Their specialization in mobility provides tailored and high-quality solutions that can be more easily integrated into existing payroll or HR systems, minimizing administrative effort.

Multi-benefit platforms, on the other hand, offer a broader range of benefits that go beyond mobility. This can increase attractiveness for employees but also brings higher administrative effort and more complex integration.

Companies should weigh their specific needs and priorities. If the focus is on improving employee mobility offerings with easy handling and integration, mobility benefit platforms are the more suitable choice. However, if a more comprehensive benefits program covering various areas is desired, multi-benefit platforms can be advantageous, even though they are more complex to manage.

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