Where can I buy the Deutschlandticket and where is the ticket available as a job ticket?

The 49-euro ticket has been available since 1 May 2023 and is intended to make local public transport in Germany more attractive. In many German cities, the Deutschlandticket makes using public transport cheaper. Where can commuters and travellers buy it and how can they cancel it? An overview of the available options.

Since 1 May 2023, bus and train passengers and commuters have been able to use public transport throughout Germany with a single ticket at a standard price of 49 euros. Since the beginning of 2024, it has also been clear that the Deutschlandticket will not become more expensive in 2024 and will therefore continue to be available at the introductory price of 49 euros per month.

The ticket is not only intended to make using buses and trains easier and more attractive, but also to further advance the digital transformation of public transport. The Deutschlandticket is only available as a chip card or as a mobile phone ticket via an app. But where can bus and rail travellers buy the 49-euro ticket?

In addition to Deutsche Bahn, it is primarily the transport associations and companies that offer the Deutschlandticket. However, public transport users can also purchase the ticket from private mobility providers - mainly as a job ticket for companies. An overview of the available options:

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Where can I buy the Deutschlandticket?

Various local public transport partners have launched the Deutschlandticket app for the 49-euro ticket, which travellers can use to buy the Deutschlandticket and use it digitally. Partners of the Deutschlandticket app include Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe, Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg and numerous municipal utilities that operate public transport in their cities.

The largest mobility provider in Germany, Transdev, also has its own Transdev Deutschlandticket app, which users can use to purchase and display their ticket. Transdev includes Bayerische Regiobahn, NordWestBahn, RheinRuhrBahn and S-Bahn Hannover, among others.

As a digital offer, the €49 ticket is also available via the apps or websites of almost all German transport companies and Deutsche Bahn. Deutsche Bahn, for example, offers the Deutschlandticket in its DB Navigator app or via bahn.de.

In the capital city of Berlin, the Berliner Verkehrsgesellschaft is responsible for selling the Deutschlandticket alongside the Berlin-Brandenburg Transport Association. The ticket is available via the BVG ticket app or the super app Jelbi. From July 2024, there will also be a 29-euro ticket for Berlin.

In Hamburg, public transport users can use the hvv switch app from the Hamburg Transport Association. In other major German cities, the local transport associations are also responsible for selling the Deutschlandticket, such as the Munich S-Bahn or MVG in Munich, the KVB in Cologne, the RMV for the greater Frankfurt area or the VRR for the Rhine-Ruhr region, which includes the Ruhr area and the NRW state capital Düsseldorf. As a rule, the Deutschlandticket is cheaper than the classic monthly ticket of the transport association.

Even though the 49-euro ticket can be purchased primarily via the Deutsche Bahn apps and websites or the corresponding platforms of the transport companies, public transport users can still use the DB sales centres and the service points of the regional transport associations and local transport companies. Customers receive the Deutschlandticket as a chip card or on their smartphone via the relevant transport association app.

Various companies also offer their own apps that can be used to purchase the subscription, such as the mobility service provider Mobility Inside with the Dein Deutschlandticket app. The special thing about such offers: Many apps also have integrated sharing services, such as hire bikes, e-scooters or car sharing.

Many companies in Germany have been relying on the job ticket as part of their employee benefits programme for years. The use of the Deutschlandticket as a job ticket should therefore be of particular interest to them. The advantage for companies: Thanks to a government subsidy, employees can benefit from a ticket discount of 5 per cent if their employers cover at least 25 per cent of the ticket price. The offer seems to be going down well: Over half of large German companies are already using the Germany Job Ticket.

Companies can purchase the Deutschlandticket as a job ticket via mobility budget platforms such as NAVIT.

Where to buy the Deutschlandticket - overview

  • Deutschlandticket app
  • Transdev Deutschlandticket.de app
  • Deutsche Bahn: DB Navigator App / bahn.de
  • Berlin: BVG
  • Hamburg: HVV
  • Munich: MVG
  • Cologne: KVB
  • Rhine Ruhr: VRR
  • Frankfurt: RMV
  • Hanover: GVH
  • Stuttgart: VVS
  • Leipzig: LVB
  • Dresden: DVB
  • Karlsruhe: KVV

The Deutschlandticket can also be purchased from many other local transport associations and transport companies, as well as from the municipal utilities responsible for public transport.

Private mobility providers (including as a job ticket):

  • Mobility Inside
  • Free Now
  • Probonio
  • Belonio
  • and others.

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How do I pay for the Deutschlandticket?

The payment options for the €49 ticket vary depending on the transport company. As the ticket is only available as a monthly subscription, many transport companies have chosen direct debit as the payment method, whereby the cost of the Deutschlandticket is debited monthly from the ticket holder's bank account. In addition, several transport companies also offer payment by credit or debit card and via PayPal. Furthermore, public transport users can also pay for the D-Ticket at the service centres of the transport associations. However, payment is then usually made for the whole year.

How do I cancel the Deutschlandticket?

The Deutschlandticket can be cancelled via the app or website of the transport association or transport company with which the subscription was taken out. There is usually a ‘Cancel ticket’ or ‘Cancel Deutschlandticket’ function in the app for cancelling the travelcard.

When do I have to cancel the Deutschlandticket?

Subscribers who wish to cancel their ticket for the following month must cancel their subscription by the 10th of each month for cancellation with effect from the following month.

Is the Deutschlandticket available without a travelcard?

If you buy the €49 ticket, you automatically take out a travelcard, which is paid monthly on an ongoing basis. Individual purchases are not normally possible. However, the subscription can be cancelled monthly. Public transport users who only need the Deutschlandticket for one month can buy the ticket at the beginning of the month and cancel it by the 10th of the month so that it is no longer valid the following month. This process is possible indefinitely so that users only buy the ticket for the months in which they actually want to use it.

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