Company bike leasing: compare providers in 2024

Company bike leasing is becoming increasingly attractive in Germany. According to Deloitte's Mobility Study 2022, 60 per cent of employees find leasing a bike through their employer attractive. However, only 20 per cent of those surveyed are currently able to make use of this option because their companies do not yet offer company bike leasing. To help companies find the right provider for company bike or e-bike leasing, it is worth comparing providers. We show what is important when comparing company bike leasing providers in 2024.

What is company bike leasing?

A company bike is a bicycle that employers make available to their employees, usually via bike leasing or, in particular, via e-bike leasing. In principle, bicycle leasing is nothing more than the provision of a bicycle or e-bike over a certain period of time, which is usually three years for providers. The employee does not become the owner of the bike, but pays a monthly instalment for the use of the bike.

Company bike leasing is an attractive employee benefit that not only promotes flexible and sustainable mobility for employees, but also has a positive impact on their health. Employees can use these bikes for their daily commute to work, for business purposes and also for private journeys.

The name of the company bike differs depending on the leasing provider - e.g. company bicycle, company bike, company bike, job bike - but it always means the same thing: a bicycle that employees receive from their employer via a bicycle leasing programme, also known as bike leasing.

How does company bike leasing work?

Company bike leasing is extremely simple. The leasing company concludes a contract with the employer, who then makes the leased bike or e-bike available to the employee. The employer acts as the lessee and leases the e-bike from a leasing company. He leaves the bike to the employee, who can cycle to work or use it for private mobility.

The leasing contract is limited to 36 months and cannot be cancelled within this period. There is a special right of cancellation under certain conditions.

The following options are available for the provision of a company bike by the employer:

  1. Company bike as a salary bonus
  2. Company bicycle via salary conversion

In our company bike leasing guide, we explain in detail how company bike leasing works using these two options.

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The advantages of bike leasing for employers and companies

Company bike leasing offers numerous advantages for employers and companies.

  • Tax advantages: The monthly leasing instalment can be claimed as a business expense for tax purposes. In addition, the employer can reclaim the VAT from the leasing instalment.
  • Lower social security contributions: The leasing instalment is deducted from the employee's gross salary, which also reduces the employer's social security contributions.
  • Cost control: Thanks to the fixed monthly leasing instalment, companies can calculate and plan the costs for the e-bike precisely.

  • Employer branding: The company strengthens its external image and positions itself as a modern and future-orientated employer with a company bike and e-bike leasing scheme.
  • Employee loyalty: Company bike leasing or e-bike leasing is attractive for employees and therefore an important factor for employee retention.
  • Health promotion: Company bike leasing promotes employee health, which can have a positive impact on motivation and productivity as well as the working atmosphere.

  • Environmentally friendly: Company bike and e-bike leasing as an alternative to a company car or car contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Traffic relief: The company bike and e-bike can reduce car traffic, which can help to relieve traffic congestion and improve the traffic situation.

The advantages of company bike leasing for employees

Company bike or e-bike leasing also has many advantages for employees and staff. The advantages for employees and staff at a glance:

  • Cost savings: By leasing a company bike or e-bike, employees can obtain a high-quality bike at favourable conditions, as the monthly leasing instalments are generally lower than the instalments for a loan. In addition, an e-bike can usually be taken over at the end of the leasing period at a very attractive price (the price is around 15 to 18 per cent of the new price).
  • Tax benefits: Employees can benefit from tax advantages because the monthly leasing instalments are deducted from their gross salary, which reduces their taxable income.
  • Insurance cover and service: Leasing contracts usually include a service package that guarantees mobility. Insurance cover is also included.
  • Flexibility: Company bike leasing allows employees to use the bike or e-bike for private purposes without incurring additional costs.
  • Health promotion: E-bike leasing promotes the health of employees, as they can cycle regularly and thus remain physically active. This can have a positive effect on their physical fitness and well-being.
  • Stress reduction: Cycling can also help to reduce stress and clear your head, especially in hectic office life.
  • Environmentally friendly: By leasing company bikes and e-bikes, employees actively contribute to climate protection, as cycling is carbon neutral.

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Bike and e-bike leasing comparison 2024: What does it all come down to?

There are a large number of company bike and e-bike leasing providers in Germany. In order to find the right offer or provider for you as an employer or employee, there are several criteria that need to be considered when making a comparison.

  1. Costs
  2. Offers
  3. Leasing term, takeover, cancellation
  4. Service

The most important criteria for a provider comparison for company bike leasing

1. Costs

The monthly costs are a decisive factor when choosing a leasing provider. The costs of the leasing contract, the costs for insurance and possible service or repair services should be taken into account. The monthly costs are always made up of the leasing instalment, the insurance instalment and a service fee. The service fee can vary depending on the provider package.

Both sides must always be considered when it comes to costs: Employers and employees. For employees, the financing conditions are important. For employers, potential savings compared to a company car, among other things, are more relevant.

In addition to the selected provider and bike model, the monthly costs also depend on the individual requirements of the lessee. The factors that influence the actual net charge include, among others: Tax class, federal state, child allowances, church affiliation. The individual factors sometimes have a weaker and sometimes a stronger effect on the actual net burden of employees.

2. Offering

Bicycle brands and models

In order to find the right bike for their individual needs, companies should primarily consider the range of bike types and brands as well as the accessories on offer when choosing a bike leasing provider. It should be noted that no leasing provider is tied to a specific bike brand and the selection is not limited to e-bikes. In addition to e-bikes, this includes leasing models such as city bikes, trekking bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, cargo bikes, pedelecs and e-cargo bikes. However, the exact selection depends on the individual offers of the respective leasing provider. The company bike providers usually have a wide range of bicycles and e-bikes from which employees can choose.

Bicycle dealer network

In addition to the types and brands of bikes on offer, the dealer network of the bike leasing providers is decisive. It should be emphasised that the vast majority of specialist dealers are now partners of several leasing providers. A well-developed network of specialist dealers in the vicinity is important so that employees can pick up their bike or e-bike quickly and easily, have it serviced or repaired. 

3. Leasing term, takeover, cancellation

The leasing contract for a company bike is usually fixed for 36 months. But what happens at the end of the contract term?

At the end of the leasing contract, employees have two options: They can return the bike to the lessor or, if they wish to keep the bike, they can submit a purchase offer and buy the bike at the end of the contract.

Takeover of the bike at the end of the contract term

If the employee wants to take over the company bike at the end of the contract term, a residual value is recognised for the bike after the leasing period, which is 15 to 18 percent of the original gross purchase value, depending on the leasing provider. Companies and employees should pay attention to the tax details here: The tax authorities set a much higher residual value of 40 per cent for a bicycle or e-bike after a leasing period of three years. The difference between this value and the residual value actually paid must be taxed by the buyer as a non-cash benefit. However, leasing providers generally offer to take on this tax burden and deal with the tax authorities directly, so that neither costs nor administrative work arise for the buyer.

Special right of cancellation and return

For employers, it may be important to know which regulations apply if an employee cancels their contract or takes parental leave: All providers offer protection cover here - a kind of special cancellation right where the company bike can be returned. Nevertheless, the regulations can differ in detail between providers. A closer look will help you make the right decision.

4. Service

Scope of the service offering

The scope of the services offered, such as maintenance, repairs, the handling of damage or the replacement of wearing parts, differs from leasing provider to leasing provider. However, it is clear that the service and insurance benefits offered by leasing providers have converged considerably in recent years. A comparison between the providers is nevertheless worthwhile for individual needs.

With the vast majority of providers, there is no longer a minor damage limit. This means that even supposedly minor issues can be covered by the providers, which means that a visit to a specialist garage is definitely recommended.

Mobility guarantee

As the name suggests, the mobility guarantee is intended to ensure that employees can remain mobile even in the event of a defect or theft. For providers, this means that they also cover any follow-up costs that may arise, such as overnight accommodation. It should be noted here that these services vary considerably depending on the leasing partner. Whether, how quickly and how unbureaucratically the respective services are actually provided in the event of damage also varies from provider to provider.

Which companies offer company bike leasing?

There are a large number of company bike and e-bike leasing providers in Germany. Here is an overview of the most common providers of company bike leasing:

  • Bikeleasing-Service
  • BusinessBike
  • Company Bike
  • Deutsche Dienstrad
  • Easybikeleasing
  • Eleasa
  • Eurorad
  • Jobrad
  • Kazenmaier
  • Mein Dienstrad
  • Lease-a-Bike

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