NAVIT for HR: Use Cases for the Mobility Budget Platform

The demands on modern workplaces are constantly evolving, and Human Resources (HR) managers face the challenge of giving their companies an edge in the fiercely competitive race for talent. NAVIT's mobility budget platform offers innovative and flexible solutions. In this article, we explore four key use cases that make the platform an essential tool for forward-thinking HR departments.


  • As an inclusive, flexible, and individualized benefit
  • As an innovative alternative to company cars
  • As an aggregator of mobility offers
  • As a digital partner for handling the Deutschlandticket
  • Why should companies introduce a mobility budget for employees?
  • What is the right solution for my company?

As an Inclusive, Flexible, and Individualized Benefit

To strengthen the employer brand and attract and retain top talent.

Once rigid and uniform, benefit programs today need to be diverse and customizable to meet the different needs and life situations of employees. NAVIT provides HR managers with this flexibility. Through their mobility budget, employees can decide for themselves whether to commute using public transport, an e-bike, or even carsharing. This not only strengthens the employer brand by demonstrating a visible commitment to diversity and self-determination but also proves attractive to talent increasingly seeking autonomy and tailored appreciation.

As an Innovative Alternative to Company Cars

To reduce administrative burden and corporate CO2 emissions.

The company car is a relic from a time when individuality was largely defined by one’s vehicle. NAVIT offers an alternative, allowing companies to address employees' individual mobility needs while simultaneously reducing administrative efforts and CO2 emissions. The flexible mobility budget, as a supplement or even replacement for the company car, conveys a modern, ecologically conscious message that resonates internally and externally, paving the way for more sustainable corporate mobility and culture.

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As an Aggregator of Mobility Offers

To eliminate siloed solutions and significantly simplify operational processes and billing.

The diversity of mobility options leads to fragmented offerings. Whether it's rail, carsharing, or e-scooters, NAVIT avoids complicated logistics. The platform creates an interface for a variety of mobility services, freeing HR departments from the tedious management of various subscriptions and contracts. NAVIT's aggregator function significantly simplifies administration and billing – all on a single platform.

As a Digital Partner for Handling the Deutschlandticket

For quick and digital processing.

The Deutschlandticket simplifies the use of public transport in Germany and makes it more affordable, especially as a job ticket for companies. But how can processing be designed so that it doesn't become a burden for HR teams? NAVIT steps in as a digital partner. The platform enables seamless integration of the Deutschlandticket, allowing HR departments and employees to access the ticket with just a few clicks and handle distribution and billing digitally and without delay.

Why Should Companies Introduce a Mobility Budget for Employees?

Here are five reasons why companies should introduce a mobility budget for employees.

Reason 1 – Increase Employee Satisfaction

Companies are responsible for actively promoting employee satisfaction – a mobility budget is an effective measure to meet this requirement. It allows for an individualized and environmentally friendly commute, contributing to higher employee motivation.

Reason 2 – Promote Environmentally Friendly Mobility

At the same time, the company positions itself as a promoter of sustainable mobility forms, reflecting the growing ecological awareness in society and supporting CSRD reporting.

Reason 3 – Simplify Administration and Reduce Efforts

Additionally, the digital mobility budget platform simplifies internal administration, replacing numerous individual solutions with a unified, digital, and easy-to-handle system, leading to a significant reduction in administrative efforts.

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Reason 4 – Provide Incentives for Returning to the Office

By implementing this flexible benefit, companies also offer practical incentives for employees to consider returning to the office – an aspect of notable relevance in the new normal of New Work and hybrid work models.

Reason 5 – Create an Attractive Benefit Offer

Finally, the mobility budget can serve as a modern and attractive addition to the employee benefits package, sharpening the company’s competitive edge in the job market and contributing to business success.

What Is the Right Solution for My Company?

For HR managers, constantly reassessing benefit programs and mobility solutions is essential to compete for skilled workers and foster an innovative corporate culture. NAVIT combines this necessity with the provision of an integrated and future-proof platform. By questioning traditional approaches and offering modern alternatives, NAVIT supports HR departments in proactively shaping change and preparing their companies for the future.

The platform and mobility budget management are digital and straightforward:

Administrators have access to a dashboard. Through this, employees can be managed, invoices reviewed, CO2 reports created, and employee usage analyzed in an anonymized and aggregated manner.

Employees use the NAVIT app on their smartphones. There, they can view their mobility budget and trips, and use the budget through customizable modules for their preferred mobility solution.

There are no prerequisites for introducing the NAVIT mobility budget. Moreover, the NAVIT platform can be seamlessly integrated into leading internal HR, payroll, and tax programs, such as DATEV, Personio, SAP, Workday, and many others.

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Stefan Wendering
Stefan is a freelance author and editor at NAVIT. Previously, he worked for startups and in the mobility sphere. He is an expert in urban and sustainable mobility, employee benefits, and New Work. In addition to creating blog content, he also produces marketing materials, taglines, and website content, as well as case studies.
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